2023_04_23 An update to Honeysuckle, and more canopy valence (problems with expansion, still)

 2023_04_23 Update for April '23


After fitting the MDF board we found it stretched and buckled overnight. We had to remove it and cut it to fit, and reaply.

And so this time we stretched the new boards and riveted them about 560mm apart, hoping the stretch could be minimised.

The repaired board seems acceptable.

Graeme contorts himself into the old helix to finish it off.

We were unable to bend curves into this piece. But it matches the table top, I guess :)

We are pretty happy with the finished valence. Just need to paint it before it stretches again.

Longer view.


Graeme also came gifting some station signs which we can use to mark the different sttions around the layout.We have decided to use the white lettering on black using full CAPITALS. and the larger badge too.

Al also visited bearing gifts

Al is currently away for a while and we all wish him a great holiday.

We now have a solid control box on wheels, and I visited Jaycar and purchased all the hardware to put it all together. Hopefully it will make things easier to access and stop some of the wiring issues we have lived with for some time.


Tony K. made two trips over from Bendigo to sort out our problems with Honeysuckle. Reallky appreciate his time and expertise.

We decided the track had found its useby date and replaced most of it with Peco code 75 on cork. This point lever was replaced (previously) with a new temporary panel.

Tony makes up these temporary panels, that can get the railway operating untill the new signal frame can be installed.

New track installed and mostly wired in. Point motors are all working. Just droppers need to be added.

WE also replaced the points here with electrofrogs as well.

And so the old Honeysuckle frame was removed and went back to Bendigo, to enter Tony's museum.

The frame being replaced with these temporary control switches which control all points. Some signals were removed for upgrade / repair and the signalman will use flags to control all train movements untill the new frame is installed.

 The turntable track needs adjusting and two new tracks will provide room for stock wagons and stabling of one passenger train.


After not operating for a long time, and after the return of operations at Honeysuckle, it was time to clean up Fernleigh and restore operations. All I need do, now, is build a new control panel.


Undercoat applied but unfortunately it did not stop the material from warping.

In the distance, you might see the repairs fixed the problem. However the foreground shows the new panels have warped despite the extra rivets and care we used this time.

Thanks Graeme for all the work. He packs up for the day.

Next day its my turn to undercoat the valence before it warps agoain!

Unfortunately it was worse than before.







2023_04_09 Easter at Kilmore East Model Railway





Visit to Kilmore East  Part 1

If small picture right hand [] will enlarge.

Part 2 takes about 2 hours to load on You Tube, 

https://youtu.be/MvT9WrcLVMI  If video opens in small screen  You Tube allows you to full screen bottom left :)

Cheers Rod


2023_03_28 Feb-Mar catch up.

2023_03_28 So catching up with 2023.

And so, I attended one Exhibition (the wrong one apparently)  And spent many more days sorting out point motors and wiring. We also continued on with the overhead canopy.



When wiring the top level, we use this device to make it easier for this old fella.

Adjusting the height of the bed.

Designing a new POWER CABINET

Another mess to sort out.

We have designed a new power box that will neaten this all up.



 As I draw closer to finishing off the wiring and track work, my mind turns towards the scenery. These supplies will come in handy.

I forgot Kyneton Exhibition was on the same day. Everybody tells me I missed out on the best Exhibition held in Victoria. Check out Will James review of Kyneton here

Press right hand corner of youtube if it needs enlarging

ok its Hornby revived Lima. However it looks pretty good if yoy only pay $320. :D


Wasn't going to buy these. However I had ordered a BL which was brought to Victoria as a Series 1 G Class. So what the heck?  You cant have enough G's, can you? 

Final fix for point controllers ALBURY YARD

We installed a Tortoise motor after finding nine points needed controls.

We used two Simple servo 6 controllers (8 servo) and a Tortoise to make up the 9th. 

I also moved the control switches (spdt) from The station box to the south box.

Ok  L257 was a little eager to depart, it seems!   Last connection made and power turned on. Now we can clean up the mess and tie up the wiring underneath.

OVERHEAD CANOPY. work over a few days.

On last Friday Graeme and I worked on the canopy in the East side of room

Last picture shows a step back as problems developed. Fascia was glued down and then secured with rivets. Why did the material then expand?

Graeme cuts up the aluminium tube.

Fixing the supports to the piers with loxins.

Counter balancing the supports.

Forming the shape of the fascia.

Joining it all up.

All leveled up and going together as planned

The helix turned out easy after we worked out where the frame was in the roof.

Oh, and after Graeme made up these specialty joiners on his 3D printer.

Another view.

And so we added the fascia with glue and rivets.

the glue.

And the damn stuff expanded and buckled over night! The masonite, previously used, shrunk. Can't take a trick.

Cheers  Rod.

PS Tomorrow Tonk K is going to repair the damage accidently done to HoneySuckle and revive the station, once again.