2020_02_13 Working hard still ...

2020_02_13 Working but not a lot to show.

Since my last post, Graeme and Grant from Murray Modellers visited and we installed another long length of lighting. I have to upgrade the power feed though, and need to upgrade the wire size to cope with the amps being drawn.

Al has returned each Thursday and we are working through a long list of faults.
As an example two weeks ago we tore out the four crossovers at the north end of Albury  and replaced them with new ones as the old recovered ones from my 1982 layout in Melbourne, were electrically and mechanically playing up.

As well we noticed that 4 wheel vehicles were not running into Bullarto from either end. They were tracking straight at both ends refusing to take the diverge when it was set.

We removed track from the troubled areas and checked the convergence of the tracks and in one case, levelled the track. Both problems fixed.

At the same time I noticed the last point motor fitted at Bullarto to the race was firing, and the blades were not moving.
I removed the motor and reset it, only to find we had broken the plastic tie bar and now the point was useless. Fortunately I had another point in stock, which needed repairs. The curved rail had parted the sleepers at the end. Easy fix was to super glue the rail back on, then paint the super glue to seal the bond and install the track. Works just fine.

During the week on my own, I decided to have a bit of break. In between the mundane things like shopping etc, I started installing sound into some locomotives.
 I found a C Class, G Class and an 81 which had been started, and never finished, for one reason or another.  I had all the components and so I put them together with mixed results.
The G Class runs well with sound off, but jerks and crackles with sound on. Unlike my other ESU products this Select was very quiet on full volume. I will reload the 645 Turbo today and see if that fixes the problem.
The 81 Class also seems to have a connectivity problem. I will do a video after and see if you can see what is wrong with this older Tsunami AT1000

THe C Class is work in progress and just for a change has an older WoW diesrl chip in it. Looking for a speaker that fits in the cab at the moment. So back to it ....

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