2021_05_03 April Update

 2021_05_03  Some video and updates

Greetings! Thank goodness for the air conditioner.  Its cold and its now hailing outside.

Here is a short video of trains testing out the upgraded wiring at Badaginnie.

Al and I have been busy installing servo point machines, and in particular, tuning them to work properly. We seem to have that working ok, now. 

And of course I am still upgrading the DCC Bus trying to get the last few sections running properly.

As well Graeme attended on Saturday and we spent some time planning scenery on the new helix.

Some pictures?

So here we are trying to figure out how to connect all this with some scenery!

I like how it's all shaping up :D

And looking above this tunnel, we can link in with Honeysuckle.

Left the door open and the cat decided to inspect the Railway.  (in fact she spent about 10 minutes in there terrifying a small bird that could not find its way out)

The interesting part is that not one vehicle got derailed or knocked over. She is so sure footed and I am so lucky, because I could not catch her. :D



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