2017_03_25 Saturday working on bridges!

2017_03_25  Al missed me or my Railway, either way, he was over for more punishment

Interesting few days.
My friend Gerry Hopkins was working on my D3 and my N Class and they arrived in the mail  Friday. So lost some time playing trains.
As well part of my Auscision order and my late arriving SDS order was hand delivered by SDS on the way through on way back to Sydney. (Did I tell  that already?)

Got a lot more wiring done on Thursday and some more Friday. Finally restored 4 power districts, however I have an error signal telling me I still have leakage between power districts. Very annoying!

Today we started off running track into Albury yard, however I threw a spanner in the works when I remembered we had to cross the Murray River. Al was not pleased, but he removed two sections of track, meticulously laid and we cut out a place for the bridge. We did a great job, so let the pictures speak for us as always.

A story about a good little signal, that was dropped in its infancy, poor little signal :(

As my tears blur the picture, we say fond goodbyes to dear old Distant no 1 at Honeysuckle. We cannot say you served us well, however you cost me a bucket of dollars and far too soon, you departed our railway Bye Bye Distant No 1

McKenzie and HolLand arrived Friday and began to erect a replacement for good old Distant No 1. So we line it up before fixing it to the ground..eh, we need to finish off a bit of scenery? ok lets leave it in the "Clip-It" bin.

McKenzie delivered another three signals, which will be installed after all the work is done.

 This is a 30 year old Alco Locomotive bought recently and restored and fitted with a WoW sound system, by Gerry Hopkins MMR Now the dog runs very well. Thank you Gerry.

Al working the tools (Does he do all the work around here?  seems so.)
We very accurately measured the gap, and fitted the bridge almost perfectly first fit. First error was that the Chooch middle pylon was longer than the abutments, which needed a slight adjustment.
Just before we cut we remembered to allow for the track underlay. And it worked. Al was in charge of this job, and he slowed me down and the job went relatively easily, for us both.

We fixed the abutments and the middle pier with small amounts of liquid nails. Even finished up using smaller amounts to secure the bridge on top. Ha Ha it did the job, and you cannot see it pushing out anywhere.

I don't think we can do that with the track though?
Anybody advise us what to glue Peco track to a Walthers Bridge with?

So thats another fine mess you got me out of!!
Thanks Al,
Cheers Rod Young


2017/03/19 Quiet day started a bridge though

2017_03_19 Nearly done on the wiring, however point motors are giving some grief.

Dry fitted the bridge abutments. Now I know how it has to go, should look just right.

Should look ok, as dirt and ballast hide the ply.

The road dips down under the bridge for added clearance. The wing walls are capped but designed to pull back on an angle meaning the bricks are laid up a hill. Not sure if that would happen, concidering bricks are cemented with a wet slurry?



2017_03_18 Another work day? Woooooeeeeee!!

2017_03_18 Three of us today, building another wall and fixing up the embankment.

Continuing the cutting and creating the embankment. Better lay the track, wire it, the glue the foam down. This is Graeme's creation, I just follow orders on this one.  ;)

Cutting a hole here for the bridge.

Certainly looks like a train track (even without the rails Ha Ha.)

The Wall 

First we knocked up a frame and cut the plaster to size.
Here Graeme fixes the frame to the brick pier.

We just smashed the distant signal, after telling each other to be careful. I was pushing the frame through to Al on the other side, when he took the weight and pulled it I lost balance and dropped it. With lots of places to land, you guessed it, right on the signal, the safety board even made sure it hit it :( Tony will be pleased...not!

From the other side. both frames in place.

And all covered up ready for filling and painting.
Thanks to Al and Graeme who made all this possible


2017_03_16 Evans point Install (Indonesian builder)

2017_03_16 Alday all day and Maureen sent over sausage rolls!!  Yummy Thanks Maureen :)

Al picked the back breaking job and paid for it. workaholic!

Fortunately I had already removed the reversing circuitry, even so it took 6 hours to set this piece of track in place and have trains negotiating through the new track.
I continued to back him up by soldering and connecting droppers, as well, I worked in the silo area over Wanganella and sorted out all the wiring there. Just a small job tomorrow connecting the bus lines and trains will be able to circulate once again.
After that connect up both sides of Wodonga Station, before running new track into Albury yard. This of course made possible by Evan (from Indonesia) who built the beaut wide radius double track Y crossover depicted here.
And Evan, it fits well and test trains run through better than Peco NMRA Code 83. Well done, mate.


trying to sort out the permanent wiring, here, at the wheat silos..... Ha Ha... sorted, need to shorten and connect all droppers and tie it all up out of the way... Point motors are wired curled on bottom level) just need switches and motor controllers mounted. The 48 Class sits on the first dead section. All power tested working to this point. (actually a diamond crossover Ha Ha) Juicer temp installed outside, will transfer out of sight when wired and working.

Evans home made double Y point. was tough to cut it in says Al, but it did fit exactly as we asked Evan. Well done both of you. Evan your point was electrically (and physically) perfect. At the moment it is working "dead frog, but I will connect a juicer over the frogs and make them live frog.

Speed testing on the Bg at least was perfect. Sg works to point of no more rail.

Thanks Al, I enjoyed our day today
Rod Young
Oh I forgot to thank SDS owner who stopped by to deliver my gas tanks, and VR OT tanks Wednesday on way home to Sydney.
Also Auscision who sent two of my car carrier packs, just two to come now.
And Ian Millard who sent me his two ESU decoders at a reasonable price.


2017_03_14 Trip to Melbourne for Sandown and more work slowly....

2017_03_14  Got home Early Monday morning after heading South on Friday morning. So not much done after Al left. Had a good time meeting old friends and basically did not buy much at all.

too much talking :( However I did get a picture of my favorite layout Gordon


Family and good friends

I traveled to Sandown with my friends after we met up at Bundoora.

An interesting side line was learned by us all when I visited my elderly Father, Bob Young who retired from working most of his working life with the Victorian Railways, in 1985.
My friends, Graeme Hawken and Henk Meirs also retired drivers like me.
So we agreed to go out to Narre Warren and surprise Dad with three Drivers something that probably has not happened for many years.
We talked about our times on the job, but somehow we got onto Sandown Race Course.
We learned that Dad's Grand Father and his many brothers came, from Scotland, to Australia chasing gold in the 1850's and in fact made their fortunes in a mine that was taken off them, mainly because it had such higher potential, and they were not cashed up enough to take it further. They took their new found riches and moved to Melbourne, and then on to Dandenong district, where they staked out the maximum land they could. The Government set guide lines and all you had to do was stake it out and improve it.
They each started a new farm, once the Government "negotiated with the Aborigines" I gather this meant, moving them on?
Dad's Uncle Harry (Great Uncle?) fenced off and improved Sandown and actually in the early 1900's built a  horse race track, where horses were trained, and operated it for a few years. Unfortunately the Melbourne "elite" were not happy about this and outlawed the track. So Harry built a dirt car racing track. During the depression the Elites taxed the land and finally took it over. Now it was to become a "proper" race track, eventually a Motor Car track as Harry had envisaged.
My great great grand father was the third family to live in Springvale, and two dog racing tracks finished up on his land.
Another great Uncle ran the Blacksmiths shop in Springvale road, which was there till Rockmans built their departmental store, which is Safeway today

None of this history appears today, as Dandenong, And Springvale council recorded a completely different history involving Councillors, Lawyers and Judges, Newsagents Pharmacists who never did much apart from looking important and ripping off the rate payers.
A very interesting day.

Robert Young 93, Graeme Hawken 71, Myself Rod Young 71 and Henk Meyers 71 also I believe.

A million other jobs, but this one occupied me before I left for Sandown, and this is one I am working with Graeme Schulz to get sceniced. Really nice box!

clean and well planned kit that lends itself to wide or shorter cuttings, simply by reducing the brick wall  lining.

However the instructions are woeful. I have seen "Chinglesh" instructions better written. So I know how the Chinese learned to write instructions? The English taught them?

So this is what I need to do. This US culvert type bridge allows the dirt and ballast to maintain its climb whilst the bridge deck can be flat. (Also helps that I can leave the five ply in place :D

Ok its almost together. I will sink it into the baseboard, allow the road surface to lower itself to gain clearance.
Their are wing walls among the bits in picture several above?  and it should be heavily dusted and weathered and might look ok?

Rod Young


2017_03_09 Hooray!!

2017_03_09 Another Alday and today we sorted our polarity problems and look!! No shorts!!

ok  good news! This is an indication that all is in order. The Digitrax system delivers 13.8 v for HO, and two DCC engines are idling with head lights on, one has sound. Not sure what 0.07 has to do with it all, It seems too low to be reading amps?

Its Thursday and Al and I had a productive day. We fixed the final point which was shorting out the SG in Coal Siding. Actually it wasn't the point it was the frog juicer. Another faulty one, and I suspect damaged by the faulty wiring we have found and fixed. The problem was exasperated because we have spent the last month or two removing temporary wiring and rough track joins and track fixings. Al and I have improved the whole railway, where ever we have worked. But in many cases rewiring has created faults ahead of us in the old wiring. We had a huge win today.

Five minutes before Al was due to head home, I said if their is a short their is a bad connection. Al said he thought one wire was wrong. From my side (the Wodonga station side) I said no its ok.
So we thought it out!  In the main room the black wire is against the wall it runs into the island section on Coal siding side run around to Wodongs. So the black wire is still closest to a wall (in this case the back drop. After traveling right round the central island the DCC bus ends at House Creek Wodonga. Here all tracks are fully insulated and the power feed stops.
the next meter of both tracks is again insulated. This is the reversing section where an electronic device is fitted that automatically realigns the voltage as the train enters to match the reversal without stopping the train. Neat huh?
BG and SG tracks continue into Coal Siding side of room and here is where the short was found. This section needed to have the rails reversed. and I had not done so.
When Al wired the inside rail to black (viewed from his side)
 the short disappeared. And of course that's why you electronically reverse polarities in a reversing loop!  I was really confused, glad Al wasn't.  Its fixed!!

Lets talk pictures:

This one is for Steve Bucton who also has a (much bigger) display case at his home. However I was wondering if he recognized the case?
The case has been perused by many enginemen passing through Wodonga. It was recovered when the Drivers room was stripped during the railway station upgrade. Of course its the Drivers notice board with sliding glass doors.

I was looking for an engine and emptied a storage box that had been stored for a long time, and loaded up the track for one of my viewers who wished my layout had a population on it. ok? what do you think?

Mind you, stuff in storage had suffered a few problems with at least 20 KD couplers which had seized up. A hard grey coating had grown over them, solidifying them.
Also screws were missing and bogies steps ladders were loose in bottom of the box. Another job to do.

This is Al's job. He is removing track and letting me solder joiners to one end with droppers. The original track had none and the joins were shoddy. Looks magnificent now. The droppers are soldered to the track joiner fixing the joiner to the track. This means every section of track has a soldered connection. No mechanical electrical joints here. The only mechanical joints are the "plug in" wiring hanging underneath. This is a cleaner environment, and hopefully the plugs will continue for more years than I have left. The plugs can be changed quickly and easily if the need arises in individual cases.

When I was not soldering  on the droppers, I followed along behind Al,  connecting the droppers to the DCC bus.

From top to bottom. SG cripple, road,No2 SG Passing siding, No 1  SG Main line  and BG Main.
All this track was relaid, rewired and connected to DCC main bus. All very good!!

reconditioned track round corner..

All this upgraded and working just fine. Needs 4 point motors to operate and connect the frogs.

all done all fixed and nice and straight Great job Al 👍😎