2018_12_05 Roger visit this weekend Installing Wodonga

2018_12_03  As normal another installation requires a tear down first!

 also I forgot the camera and missed pictures of the removal of existing deck.

Notice the out riggers were extended so wider ply could be applied to top.

 Simple blend in to edge of layout. Similar will be applied to Melbourne end, past stock race.

 We lifted station above base board height first by gluing 3mm MDF (not best but was on hand)

 Roger checking to see where installation fits...

 Location and positioning to track, typically Roger sorts out the problems.

Fits like a glove!

Mounting Wodonga in place. Blocks locate it but allow lifting building from layout.

ok  as you can see, the awning was close, however all fixed now!

 lights applied to most rooms, and they are switchable via sic micro switches.

We were so pleased with this A hell of a lot of work and all because of such a great friend. Thank you again ,mate.

Just enough room for a car to pass the building towards the signal box.

Waiting room and Drivers room, lights on.

Brighter shot

All stuff packed away, but an AN 700 and these cars fit like a glove Ha Ha. Platform holds 8 S Cars and a Locomotive.
Massive improvement creating all the space in front of station!

 Roger kicked Holly out, when she looked like jumping onto Wodonga. Well I think an ambush is being set up ?? Ha Ha.

increased stock yard real estate as well

 Bit of room for larger yards and road vehicles, and can add walking trail to Abattoirs.

 Got to sort out what goes where, but hope to combine a Walthers stock race with three of Southerns cattle (and sheep) ramps


2018_12_01 Backgrounds

2018_12_01   Hiding track?

Just experimenting with back boards to hide track.



2018_10_22 NSW visit

2018_10_22  Report on trip to Liverpool (late)

Friend and ex NSWGR driver Colin came down to Yackandandah to escort me back to his home via Goulburn, Liverpool and Hexam. We drove my new Everest on its first trip, with 102 km on clock to start us off.
These new cars almost drive themselves. Supposedly will when I know how to work all the gadgets Ha Ha.
About Ettamogah I asked Colin to watch the road whilst I tried to work out how to set the cruise control.  Got the lane limit control working, seemed to find a speed limit device, which accidently got set at 65 kph (on the Hume Freeway !!!!) and could not find out how to turn that off (Or on again for that matter ??)  Whilst I was staring at the controls we moved across the lane several times and was pushed back into middle by lane watch technology. Finally the car spat the dummy, accused me of falling asleep, and reduced throttle steering me into the verge and ordered me to take a break!!

Ok we sort of sorted the controls out, ie switched everything off, except cruise control, which I found out how to use. Cruise is just fine, but when you drive at the legal limit plus 3km :), you get passed all the time! Seems like NSW drivers run up to 120kph.  As they pull in front of you, my car quickly brakes (on its own) maintaining a car and a half space between it and car ahead. Then powers off at 113 as the passing  car pulls ahead. Don't like this, but cant seem to turn it off.

Eventually I got to relax and let Colin work out how it all works...and he did :)

Here I present some of the pictures taken on this trip. You have all seen the hundreds of Liverpool pics, so I will only include some Coolum Models buildings, that might find a place on my layout in the future.

First Stop Goulburn Shed.

Wonder if anybody makes these?  nice running lamps for several of my NSW engines.

I guess this is what a real 30 Class looks like. Interesting weathering :)

They just saved one of these and it will be restored

Nice little tank.

Would have loved to see one of these running, but too late for this one, I guess.

EDIT Ok  This picture was taken at Rothbury and of course matches the engine waiting for wheels.

I did look at another 59 at Goulburn, but did not get a picture of it as in the shed, behind the round house, it was too dark to see it. (Thanks Col)

This one is looking much better, however our guide was not hopeful that it would run again, anytime soon, if ever.

Liverpool, was pretty ordinary this year. So much so, that I came away with only 6 sheets of cork and a magazine.  Some nice layouts, however plenty of videos out there from others.

Stuart from Coolum Beach interested me, with a few buildings though.


We then stayed the night at Colins and saw his new house being built. This is Colins new inside train room.

traditionally Roger drives up with me, however it was not possible this year. So we met up at Liverpool and travelled up North as we usually do.

I bet Roger wished he was not so far away from Maitland, eh?

This is a huge room and knowing Colin, will soon have an enlarged version of his existing railway up and running, long before mine ever is.

It was not far to travel, to visit the home of R which is now fully converted to SG and awaaiting accreditation (I believe)  She is running!!

The team of restorers are doing fantastic work here.

 Face Book NSWGR 900/800/750 Class "DEB" Sets


I was here the week before the team in the post above arrived for a clean up. You are doing a great job boys and girls.

This 59 Class has been repaired. New wheels are ready to go underneath. This one will soon return to service. Cant wait to get behind it soon.

5917's tender in the shed at Rothbury (Wrongly posted in Goulburn section. Thanks Colin)


And there she is! Completed and ready for the main line, just needs the paint and numbers! But that is the easy part, the worst has all been completed. All praise to the guys at Rothbury.

Damn, I am getting too old for this.

Don't be surprised if you see this run on NSW metals unpainted, or was I being steered away from their real plans?
Thinking of my Father as I hang out the fireman's window. Would love to have fired for him, and wish he was sitton on the left hand side.

Rod Young