2022_02_21 Flour Mill for Albury

 2022_02_21  Posty arrived with a parcel :D

As usual some pictures

Nicely packed as promised.

Need to work out where this bit goes?

The building will turn 180 deg. of course.

Going to have to add a bit on here to place the flour mill and a silo.

Store it here till it gets to Albury.




2022_02_13 Getting rid of the brick wall (pt3)

 2022_02_13 More camouflage!

Saturday workday.

Graeme and Al arrived to do some much needed work on the railway. Whilst Al actually came to see Graeme work on the backdrops and have a catch up.

I eventually coerced him into another frustrating day, tuning point motors and wiring. Both of us helping Graeme as required.

This is the East wall and as such is much easier than the fully insulated west wall, which was producing so much heat on long summer days.

Top backdrops all cut out, just waiting for glue to dry to remove clamps and glue the long sheets into place

Starting on the bottom as well.

Cuts a lot of light out, but the back drops will protect the trains from UV damage. All LED light tubes are fitted as well,

Did not get it all glued down, however the top is all cut out and long pieces will glue in when clamps removed.

now we need to start glorious sanding and painting :(

Cheers Rod


2022_01_18 Getting rid of the brick wall (pt2)

 2022_01_18  Buying masonite and wet bending it

(or what the hell is masonite?)


Masonite is not made in Australia anymore (I believe) But it is a much safer pressed sheet than what is currently available. As well it bends to shape when wet and dries out quickly, retaining its new shape.

Cuts easily with a jigsaw or as seen here with a router.

We then glued and nailed it to the brick piers and filled in the gaps using glue and clamps.

 OK so lets try and make a CHEAP CONTROL PANEL, that anybody can understand.

Found a $4 picture frame at REJECT Shop and disassembled it. 

Then cut out a piece of perspex to replace the glass and left the paper protector in place. I then drew out the schematic track  and marked out where the switches had to go (on paper) 

Next job was to transfer diagram to perspex and drill out the switch layout. I had some Tam Valley Octopus switches and decided to use them here, at Wanganella.

Here #7 push button, will change two motors.

Now I will disassemble the panel. Using lining tape on the back side, mark out the tracks. Spray the back black, and reassemble the panel. I think it should look good.

A bit disappointed that the switch for the slip would not fit and had to be dropped below. Might have to look at that again.  

Not same panel but strengthened it with screws and fixed in place like this.




2021_12_29 Graeme Apple seed and more!!

 2021-12-29 The apple orchard and more back drops.... In pictures!!

OK, I did an oopsie here forgetting that the new frame needed to be screwed together on the flat and sit flush on top of the old plaster backdrop.

And I had to undo them and screw them together the right way.

The measurements were still ok.

The angle will be hidden behind the brick pillar covers And when I find out where the covers locate on the frame, I will have to add another upright to glue the cover on to. Then we will cut to fit masonite sheets to fill in between the covers.

MR Apple seed plants his best!





2021_11_26 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

 2021-11-26  Merry Christmas :D

Seasons Greetings!  Things are slower on the blog than I would have liked. But Covid is still slowing us down. Al has een out of action for a few weeks looking after a sick wife. And the season has its effects as well.

Was very quiet here as family took the opportunity to take advantage of the "freedoms" the Andrews gov, has graciously granted its slaves. I cannot believe my Labor Party has actually dressed in red and joined the Chinese CCP empire. But enough of that. At least he has left our models alone for now.

Biggest work here is point motors and wiring. We keep taking the way ahead with many success's. But one fix shows us another problem. Good news is that we think we can see the light at...eh?

As usual pictures can tell the story!

Ok here Graeme prepares the apple orchard. Ah ok we thought we had plenty of trees!  70 is about half our needs.  First the spacing was marked with pins. Next blended bark (Vitamised) was sprinkled uner the tree canopy.  Next job will be to "plant" the grass, build the fences and then place the trees. Mark out the wheel ruts etc and it should look ok.

Bugger!! not enough trees.

Touching up the tunnels. 

Finishing off the backdrops (East wall)

Decided the backdrops should be made higher and really wanted to hide the bricks.

And Graeme found some very rare thin masonite. He bent it into shape, and hopefully liquid nails will hold it to the bricks.

We have pre-cut the masonite and will fill in between the covered brick piers.

Last week we finally worked out how to fill in the windows. (How much money would I have saved!)

We created frames that can sit on top of the original backdrop. Masonite sheets will cover both the old backdrop and the new frame. I will add two additional uprights when we work out the distance between the brick pier covers after they are fixed to the bricks and extended onto the frame.

And thats about all their is.  Except to thank all of those who are watching and to wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS    and a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.



2021_11_26 D3 on Pass this morning!

2021-11-26..  Yeah making point motors and panels today.. and a video




2021_11_19 Scenery? Wow!!

 2021_11_19  Graeme paints his canvas.

First he highlighted all the cracks and crannies with black paints.

Then highlighted it with reds and grey.

And as it dries back.

It becomes really nicer as it dries back.

Yes we are pretty happy with this.

This will end up a little like the Wangaratta side of Glenrowan.  Wait for the apple orchard :)


Drying out... Fences extra blending and a lot more to come here. This is day 1.

Blending dirt back in on top.

Cutting in and access track on left.

Dirt on top.

Ok watching it dry :D