2019_02_24 New Ausicion and SDS to show!

2019_02_24   It is close to a quarterly update :(

Not much happening.  I hope this is temporary, and I can find my mojo again quickly.
However I have a few friends who have not given up on me. One called around Saturday with a means to overcome our scenery roadblock!

Some Pictures of our new overhead canopy.

 Frame designed by Graeme and Al will recognise the similar attachment to the pillars. It is very light and appears to be strong. Its fixed to the pillar with one heavy bolt and levered on top of angle iron support again bolted to bricks (Thru plaster)

EDIT  Graeme I think the angle should be directly on bricks. The plaster might be the weak spot here, as it might crush??  Thoughts? 

As usual it takes time to think it through, then cut the material and fix it after you level it all up.

We cut the island canopy supports and fixed the first one in position, before days end

We will cover the fascia of the canopy with black painted Masonite. I want to cover the top with reflective material, to help with lighting and also stop dust as much as I can.

So supports are in, and more material needed to complete canopy.
As usual had to remove old work to start this job. Blue strip lights (Nighttime illumination)
and video cameras need to be relocated to canopy.

Have done some other small jobs recently.
Al will love this (not) I deconstructed the broad gauge branch and narrowed the track supports. I will now lay the ply between the wall and overlap the front piece about 6 inches. This will allow me to cut the horisontal wall supports back to string line.  This was always a mess, and I am hoping this will improve it..  Hard to tell.

Just need to work out what to do here? Perhaps shave the wider area and open up the new construction?

Oh and just to let my Helix gang, know that the arrival of the final helix curves. Now we can do it Ha Ha Thanks Graeme S.

Got to visit Corio Exhibition end of January.

Picked up some more rolling stock. You just cant have too many freight wagons, no?

Got to be among the best wagons produced by an Aussie importer. Thank you boys, these are magnificent!

These were introduced with the Harris Regional fleet. The Harris cars were designed to be hauled by P Class diesels which were fitted head end power. If a head end power equiped locomotive was not available the PH van was used to power the carriages.

How cool is that!

 And these were the wagons used to build the PH vans.

crisp beaut wagons. You might recognise these as having run on the front of diesel hauled SOP trains to Sydney, out of Melbourne. P designates VP vans as able to run at 70MPH.


Hey tighten up that handbrake, you are fouling the main!!

SDS Models
Not to be outdone, I found these very nice oil pots. Not sure if they were new?  I guess I might have missed them?


 very nice detail too.

crisp clean signage.

A three pack with variations.

Still cant focus :(


Because we are building Albury, I need a little NSW fleet, so added another 5 S trucks.

oops! forgot the mirror, sorry.

Looks like the lettering is improved. Detail very good.

I remember excuses given, several years back, on why E wagons could not have interior detail??
Well cop these Powerline :D  See its easy done :D

Got to say, I like these too!

So I guess that's all folks :D

Rod Young