2018_04_06 So which is right?

2018_04_06  Who got it right? Powerline old, Powerline New, Auscision or Trainorama??

 Trainorama S Class and old Powerline!

  Trainorama S Class and Auscision N Class cars!

 Auscision N set and NEW Powerline!

 as above

 Aus plus traino

 Auscision and old Powerline!

New Powerline and  Auscision!

 Trainorama and NEW Powerline!

 Trainorama and Auscision!

Ok enough today! Cheers

2018_04_04 Nice little Exhibition at Bendigo

2018_04_04 picked up some goodies at Bendigo!

Pictures?  First of all called into Model Rail shop closing down sale and got 25% off, but not much I really needed.

Geoff the shop Manager builds these for his customers and I had to have them especially as they were discounted also. Illuminated also    Thanks Geoff :)

 Also from shop, should dress up someplace around the depot. Wodonga had a similar (smaller) crane lifting 44 gallon drums.

ok wrong scale, but it probably will lift 5 ton instead of 3 ;)

And from the Exhibition, mainly Owen from Geelong

More in stock, missed out last time.


Heaps of lights! add to haul from Kyneton.

And something that I did not really need. Just looked nice Ha Ha