2013 October 18 continues still :)

2013 October 18 and there is more

Finishing off the bottom level base boards :)

All the supports in and just waiting for the white glue to dry on an extra spacer.

This is the last bit of roadbed to tie in the whole bottom level.  Lay track and wire it up, and we can have long distance controlled movement, at last. I am determined to have this bottom section sceniced and looking good in under 8 years (three to go to beat Eureka!)

This is the left hand join to the new section just added, and shows the difference in thickness. The router got a work out rebating the 5 ply. This time I was happy with the job, and I must be getting a little less frightened of the tool, I guess :)

The right hand side join looks a bit messy, but it is glued in place, good old reliable Masonite strips save the day once again :)

This outrigger extends into the aisle where the track bed short cuts the baseboard. It took my 100kgs so it will support the track easily

This is one of the benefits of screwing everything into predrilled countersunk holes. The drill sits in the countersink and does the job in one!

Long view showing this weeks gains.

All the supports in and just waiting for the white glue to dry on an extra spacer..


2013 October 18 continues

2013 October 18

This was some progress from Wednesday when Al Jeeves again arrived to assist me. Well he did all the work, as I had fallen in the room day before and had a crook back. So Al did the stuff at floor level. How is YOUR back today, my friend :)

What we did was replace all the twisting 3 ply with 5 ply and the new ply shows where we started from. I needed to shift all the wires and build in new supports to lift this section level and match the track out of Wodonga.

And this is the last piece to be added to complete the connection. The board is extra wide because Wodonga loop actually ends just before the start of the curve. It holds 45 vehicles and two engines! This shed is just not big enough (Jeff's shed next?   

2013 October 18

2013 October 18   Sunny and warmer than yesterday :)

Some news from other places?

Finally on the water...

My letter to Ron at Eureka, and I just could not bring it upon myself to congratulate him

Well Ron
The day has finally arrived, eh well, not just yet, but we are closer to getting our hands on these engines than we were this time last year anyway, or so it seems.
Of course I am expecting the ship to be hi-jacked by Pirates riding jet skis or perhaps sinking in a typhoon. Well that is unlikely as I have seen this ship, it is indeed huge. Could you please arrange for the container to be carried inboard, rather than seaboard as I have a funny feeling it will fall overboard if placed there :(
Seriously though!
Just to confirm that you may still send my two R Classes to
Rod Young
50 xx Court
Victoria Australia.
My telephone is 02
 mobile 042
Also to confirm that I have paid in full for the engines and upgraded the price to account for sound at Corio two years ago.
The only problem I now have is the numbers that I am getting?
I think the oil burner is 719?  However I am not fussed about that.
I definitely do not want a preserved number for my coal burner, and after seeing R704 in its Exposition livery at Caulfield, I am hoping that you will have a sound version spare that I can change to? If this is possible I will be happy to accept it.
Other than that, any Number except 752 (an engine I already have) will be acceptable.
Hope this helps us both, my attempt to shave a bit more time off the long  wait.
Now to save up for the K :)
Rod Young