2013 May 4

2013 May 4 pleasant day, storms missed us today, it was a great day:)

Not a lot happened in the studio. However I did strengthen the Coal Siding base boards by adding three extra cross braces. Turned out a more difficult job than it should have been, because access was almost non existant to allow attachment to the back, under the back drop. Ended up shortening the pieces adding a short plate on the back. glued and screwed together then screwing that into the back support from tyhe front..simple ;)
Anyway job down. Instead of charging the compressor and using the nail gun, I decided to screw the whole thing down. It probably took less time that way anyway :D

Tomorrow I need to undercoat the two new sections and cut out a short extension for the Albury end of the yard, and fix in place the shell siding at the Wodonga end.

Then I have to accurately set out the BG track (Code 75) and fix it in place.
That is....
Cut underlay to fit, secure it to baseboard.......
Select points rewire them as described previously
Build up a point motor, drill the board and fix each point and point motor as I go, wiring and all, and Link the points in place with flex track.

I guess it will be slow progress but when finished all point motors will be operating already with DCC and manual push buttons installed.

Now I am going to turn this thing off and go watch some commercials.. eh??  I mean TV.