2013 September 25

2013 September 25  Wednesday  Not a bad day!!

Today Allan Jeeves came for a visit, and we had a great day I think.

The dip down to house Creek has been done. I have cut out the fitted supports already, just noticed in this picture that I forgot to glue them in every 30 cm.

Nice gentle slope should not give the 4 wheelers any problems :)
The bridges were previously constructed and all I need do now is fit them back into the new trackbed. Because I am using Central Valley bridge decking, I had to use code 83 track to match over both bridges. That has been aquired and will not hold me up.

Just need to cross brace it, but otherwise this bit is ready for track.

The trackbed crosses the future connection which heads into NSW at 9cm about 1.5 cm lower than I wanted Not sure how it will effect double stacks?  May need to build a girder bridge over here to gain another 16 mm Ha Ha

On the other side the track clears the temporary diversion and heads towards Wanganella. All fixed in place and ready for work laying the base into the SG loop area previously started.   That will complete Stage 2 trackwork and allow limited trains to operate on the bottom levels, once the droppers are all in place.
This may not seem like a lot of work. However it entailed a lot of cutting, accurate measurements, fitting of new cross braces. Making sure all other track had proper clearances. Al spent a lot of time on the floor gluing in bracing to make everything solid. Whilst I bent over the layout with head and shoulders barely clearing the top level as we lined it all up, and fixed it solidly in place.