2016_04_20 Table top training

 Check out some history 7 years ago....

2016_04_20  Two old farts trying to out cough each other :)

But despite all that we did an awesome amount of work today. And it is all square all level and firmly attached.  Which is a bit of a change for me. Usually Al is here helping me fix stuff :D
Thanks Al. we make a good team.
Some pictures are in order

Some glue and screws and form the L girders.

Add the cross pieces and screw it all together

Check the levels both ways and screw it to the wall when both edges are level.

Cut the two 5 ply sheets in half, trim a  2.4m offcut making 5 lengths, and we have a 12m by 0.6m table top!
Now this was going to be a SG storage loop. But I decided that we could put a large station in here. It should have been Albury, but Albury would require a huge space. So it will look a bit like Albury and will be sceniced more than originally planned. Albury is almost dead flat anyway :D

And I get my large SG storage sidings as well as a few BG ones to meet its dual gauge heritage.

This is a big plus, especially as we had to give up on South Grafton.  The layout just will not fit in the space we have left. The layout is much too old to modify, and is built on a huge slab of chipboard, that is so heavy.    I am hoping to build something narrower in the space left, perhaps even recover the track from S Grafton and use that if at all possible.