2018_03_19-Little Jobs

2018_03_19 Sound into Class 45 and lights into Harris RM Trailer.

First the 45 Class Sound install. With the Auscision loco fitted  ready to plug in a 21 pin decoder, it was just a matter of plugging in the Wow decoder and wiring in the speaker a 10 minute job.
Remove the couplers and 4 screws, two each side of coupler. Plug it in, and solder speaker wires to tabs marked SP. Screw body back on and test run :D

45 Class takes a run on H.B.N.
Wondering how to fit lights and seats into a DRC and Trailer

I have an epoxy DRC and trailer and I want lights and seating fitted. I bought some seats from Casula Hobbies and they should turn up soon. 

 So the Harris MT car needs wipers for power as well as LED's
 The Trainbuilder bogies are all brass, so I am having problems thinking out how to fit wipers.
The wheel sets are fully insulated, which means the pickups have to touch the tops or sides of the insulated tyres. At the top is a thin brass plate. I could replace that with styrene, and use small plastic screws (presume they are metric and hopefully JAYCAR have the next size down which would allow me to insulate pick ups.

This insulated (nylon) screw is metric, but too large. Intend to replace brass plate with styrene spacer  which would replace small existing spacer used to lift car to correct height (shown in pic above)

Any suggestions to
comtrain1945(a)gmail(dot)com copy it to mail client and replace with @ and .