2015_11_22 - 10 projects on go...none close to finished :(

2015_11_22   Something smells around here ....

Well I am not entirely to blame for the lull (Excuses Excuses !)
The kids pet rabbit has gone and died under the floor, and its not very nice out there in the train room.
But today it was a little better so maybe the worst of it is over.

Talking about Spray Glue?
Bunnings, Masters, Art Shops and Office Works, all hand me spray fixing adhesive, and as I found out that just does not work.
So Al and I decided to mix our own and spray it on with a hand pumped detergent bottle, and as we gradually increased the % of white glue we got it to work.
Here we test it out at approx 15 to 1, (after starting at about 30 water to 1 glue) And we are pretty happy with results I had some 80gsm paper which was about the same as the back scenes. So next job is to try it out once again on the real scenes. It did stick permanently after just smoothing it out with a damp cloth and did not curl at all. It was dry in 24 hours.

very firmly attached, and no bubbles / ripples after a week.

Took some effort to peel it off, and appears to be a permanent fix. Possibly only removable by wetting it down?

Three Way Point (Shinohara DC Code 70)

Now lets look at that three way point for Trentham throat.

Before installing it, I joined track to it at all ends, and using jumper leads, connected it to main line. I then operated a diesel in DCC mode over the points trying to locate each dead point or short. Took several hours over several days, but finally using three mono juicers (automatic electronic polarity changes for live frogs)  I got a train to run through each route without shorting or losing power.

But Lord the wiring to achieve this was unbelievable! But I do suggest that whilst these small multi strand links stay attached, I will never ever suffer dead spots here :D

Now to drill out the holes, mount it and connect it up. Going to use Tortoise Motors here.

ps I have 4 B Class all getting Loksound Decoders with Mike Walters sound encoded in an assembly line, as well as several other sound projects that need fixing or doing :)