2017_04_13 Alday! Honeysuckle tweaks

2017_04_13  Al was here today after two weeks off with "pew-monia"

Despite being only half way through his antibiotics we accomplished a lot today
We finished off fixing down Honeysuckle and started the rewiring. We cranked up this station by applying 240v and noted that it did not operate as we thought. Better ask Tony, I guess.
However all tracks, points allow through (pushed and rolling) trains! That's a bonus.
The signals light up, off the back up battery, but not from the 12 volt supply.

The other job was to reconnect the tracks into the station and reinstall the junction. Al did most of this, and we had to overcome some issues. And this filled our whole day.
One issue was power leads and we relaid the feed from Trentham and laid in a new feed from Bowser side. I need to connect up all the droppers, now and add a supply feed to the new Bowser feed.
We should then be able to run a train direct from  Bowser into Honeysuckle. Finishing off the track upgrades in Trentham, would allow trains in from that direction.

So not much to photograph, however a lot of work required today to get this far.

Threw the 240 V switch! so far so good!

We switched it on without the frame connected. Hoping connecting the frame will fix the blacked out signals. The lights here are backup battery powered (just like the real thing)

Next job is to wash everything down, and try and reinvigorate the scenery.

I have a turntable here and tried to install it. unfortunately the directions are stored away in a safe place. When I remember where it is, I will finish the installation :(
Electrotren  Wait a minute!!  That's not the brand! Its a Brazilian Company ? I can probably get instructions from them? Brand name?? Google is not my friend either....

Tony is building a new bracket signal to allow trains to depart Honeysuckle towards the crossover.
Left arm from No 1 road towards Bowser.
Right arm from No1 road towards Trentham on the straight.
A single home will control traffic out of 2 Rd to Bowser.
Trains in 2Rd can set back and run through a crossover to run to Trentham as well.
Reinstalling this and wiring it took most of our day, but it was worth it :)
 The space above the red handled strippers will hold the relocated frame which needs to be redesigned to operate the additional roads and signals.
Hope you are feeling better soon Al.  Enjoy your company, mate and look after him Maureen :)