2017_01_04 Clean Up Day

2017_01_04  Cleaning up and preparing for the next job, which is fixing the wiring in the Coal Siding.
Then laying track towards Albury.

So today I was able to sit and calmly sort through all the stuff laying on top of the layout, finally :)

So to allow the wiring to be tested here at the Coal Siding, I had to clean it all down. I did find a home for most of it, some found the bin, most found a plastic bin, with similar stuff, to help with finding it when it is needed.

The rest found a place here. Part sorted, just need to work out what I should do with old epoxy models, that have become brittle, and probably need stripping of couplings and wheels and binning.

Tomorrow we had to cancel ALDAY , mainly because although I forgot why only remembering next Thursday was going to be out of action, I remembered why in the finish.
I have an appointment with my Eye Surgeon, and its time for another needle, which should stop me going blind in my left eye. Any wonder why I am going to try to forget this day, which comes much too quickly every couple of months. Mind you the treatment does work, No pain no gain?