2018_04_18 Coach Lighting #2

As I could not get the nylon screws locally, I purchased stores from China (Where I could get the stuff) However.....  now I know why Aussies open ebay shops and get stuff mailed from China to their customers!

 Small post pack arrived from China today. What I wanted was 12 screws but it was cheaper to increase the order, as the minimum order of $7 US was free postage and I ended up with all of this ;)

 Its nice to have a generous seller. But I honestly believe most of this will be wasted (on me) These screws will enable me to insulate the top plate when I reassemble the brass bogies, and attach wipers there to collect power from wheels. (Harris Car project) quantity required? about 16 screws Ha Ha!

 The second lighting project will be for the Auscision N cars and Powerline S Cars, which will use 3V batteries.

 The battery holders arrived too! 10 to a pack, and 10 packs again postage free Cost? $9 US.

Contact me if you need some :)

Below fitted 3v CR2025 battery

What is missing?   The latching reed switches, which I cannot find anywhere except in England at 2 pounds each. China supply them much cheaper, but so far cannot find them there or in Australia.
Self latching magnet operated reed switch