2017_07_17 Belted out of the ground by NBN stupid tactics!

2017_07_17 A little more scenery, a little more on sound installs, and a lot of ruging up inside by the heater.
NBN blues still no internet. Winter starts off with a failed air conditioner (read sole heating) and continues with disconnection of internet communications. What else has it got planned for me?
Graeme came over Saturday and we prepared a few areas for scenery. Looking forward to covering the new areas with grass and trees.

Here we started to put the basis of our fascia and filled in the holes in the baseboard, preparing to put Osbourn Street and road in, Then we can add the Shell Fuel depot.

 The facia will be glued on to this

Wodonga yard head shunt in place needs track, and cuttings formed both sides of Main.

Preparing cattle run linking stock race to Abattoirs other side of line.

Still touching up our mountain, getting it ready for rock molds which will be next to construct.

Powerline Cars

I think $150 a carriage is a rip-off. Stupid execs at Powerline, delay production of models for 13 years and then slug us another 80 dollars because their dies had deteriorated and were worthless.

Despite the fact that they were rather nice. Despite the fact that the wrong bogies appear to be under the cars. I would have thought First and Economy were SG on Commonwealth bogies, whilst the Scripted First and Second Class were BG SOP on Argentine bogies?
And despite the fact that some cars had interiors back to front.

The new Helix

Good News is that I have been lucky enough to get my new Helix professionally built. Material was delivered to factory today, and if all goes well it will be cut up and temporarily assembled  to test it out before delivery within two weeks.
There you go Mr. Al :D its finally happening