2017_03_25 Saturday working on bridges!

2017_03_25  Al missed me or my Railway, either way, he was over for more punishment

Interesting few days.
My friend Gerry Hopkins was working on my D3 and my N Class and they arrived in the mail  Friday. So lost some time playing trains.
As well part of my Auscision order and my late arriving SDS order was hand delivered by SDS on the way through on way back to Sydney. (Did I tell  that already?)

Got a lot more wiring done on Thursday and some more Friday. Finally restored 4 power districts, however I have an error signal telling me I still have leakage between power districts. Very annoying!

Today we started off running track into Albury yard, however I threw a spanner in the works when I remembered we had to cross the Murray River. Al was not pleased, but he removed two sections of track, meticulously laid and we cut out a place for the bridge. We did a great job, so let the pictures speak for us as always.

A story about a good little signal, that was dropped in its infancy, poor little signal :(

As my tears blur the picture, we say fond goodbyes to dear old Distant no 1 at Honeysuckle. We cannot say you served us well, however you cost me a bucket of dollars and far too soon, you departed our railway Bye Bye Distant No 1

McKenzie and HolLand arrived Friday and began to erect a replacement for good old Distant No 1. So we line it up before fixing it to the ground..eh, we need to finish off a bit of scenery? ok lets leave it in the "Clip-It" bin.

McKenzie delivered another three signals, which will be installed after all the work is done.

 This is a 30 year old Alco Locomotive bought recently and restored and fitted with a WoW sound system, by Gerry Hopkins MMR Now the dog runs very well. Thank you Gerry.

Al working the tools (Does he do all the work around here?  seems so.)
We very accurately measured the gap, and fitted the bridge almost perfectly first fit. First error was that the Chooch middle pylon was longer than the abutments, which needed a slight adjustment.
Just before we cut we remembered to allow for the track underlay. And it worked. Al was in charge of this job, and he slowed me down and the job went relatively easily, for us both.

We fixed the abutments and the middle pier with small amounts of liquid nails. Even finished up using smaller amounts to secure the bridge on top. Ha Ha it did the job, and you cannot see it pushing out anywhere.

I don't think we can do that with the track though?
Anybody advise us what to glue Peco track to a Walthers Bridge with?

So thats another fine mess you got me out of!!
Thanks Al,
Cheers Rod Young