2019_10_12 Social Day!

2019_10_12  Al continues with track in Albury and.....

 With the BG platform roads completed, Al starts to feed in the loop servicing Bunge's as well as the transfer roads

Their was a dead end road this end, but I never saw it used. So at this stage I left it out.

Scenery and Valences

And Graeme came to show me some protected switch fittings he constructed using cable tidy covers and 3D printed tubes.

 He simply pushed the 3D printed tube into the  tidy cover and I screwed in a wired switch.

 Graeme drilled out the Valence and the switch protector just needs to be glued in.

 Simple hole saw used but here the switch did not fit in, so I used a spade bit and opened up room behind switch.

We simply popped out the cover that came with the surround.

 Looks pretty good eh?

 After installing the new valence and gluing in place, I waited for glue to dry , removed the clamps and undercoated the valiance. This time we exposed the back side gluing the white plastic side to the edge of base board. Paints much easier.

I stuffed this up yesterday when I drilled small holes and mounted switches before seeing Graeme's beaut covers.  So we cleaned the paint off the plastic surface and glued a new strip on top.
Then Graeme drilled out the necessary holes... much better :) Going to need about 50 of these, I wonder if Graeme is regretting showing me these? Ha Ha. Thank you for your help my friends. Its only happening because you are pushing me along, and I am so grateful