2013 April 4

2013 April 4   A warm Friday (after a week of distractions)

A little bit of cleaning up, after sculpting the bank so that I could work out  how the embankment would fit. Need to take some more 3 ply away to keep the ground height below the wingwall, taking into consideration the steep slope.  Only using the VR Models wing Walls as a guide. I have a sheet of model aircraft thin 3 ply and I will use that to create new walls. I think the two outer wings can simply be made taller and placed in the position indicated.
The two inner wings might be better made taller as well, but cut off shorter and then placed at the same angles already used on the outer wings. The new wings can then be joined with a high brick retaining wall which will give plenty of room for the old stock crossing that runs beside the creek. Their is an abattoir on the furthest side to the left, with holding paddocks directly opposite the road bridge. They would walk the stock down from the rail stock pens to the right of picture and cross under rail and road and into the holding paddock.

Almost time to straighten the road bed, fix the underlay and glue down the track :)

This is getting to a stage where I can try my hand at scenery. I have my new grass machine, and lots of static grass and a real excitement about building scenery again, after a big gap of 20 years. Well it will be interesting!