2015_01-02 Another beginning?

2015_01-02  Scenery bases

Supporting the paper mache plaster mix  on pink towels.

Blending in the new bridge and the old one.

Dry, strong and ready to fix the track down Its 36 Radius and will have code 70 instead of the old code 100.
Pretty happy with the way it all turned out too.
The paper mache and plaster mix is grey in colour and fluffy out of the box.
I bought it from an Art Supply House in Albury, in a 10 kg box. I mixed 4 cups of  dry material with a cup and half of water, add burnt sienna and yellow ochre water based paint with some cement colour to form the base.
After 24 hours I had a very hard shell, it was difficult to spread on the toweling though.So I might try dipping the towel in it and forming it into terrain shapes then let it dry. When it dries it should be stiff enough to hold a second thick coat of  paper mache which can be formed much easier.