2013 June 8

2013 June 8  Saturday Cold!!

Well tradition has it that something installed must be replaced whenever possible. I must be a visual person :( Requiring an eyefull before I can see it won't work ;)
So I modified the Albury end of the Coal Siding taking into consideration the permanent track bed which I will need in the future. Then reattached the diversion and test fitted track to see how it looks/ Pleased with this (Click on picture for larger view) I also adjusted the other track base leading in from the Wodonga Station.  Final positions all marked. Now to place in position all the cross pieces and support everything, before fixing track in position.
It has been decided to insulate the two temporary tracks at the closest gauge block and create two reversing tracks about 7 m long to fix the reversing loop problem created by this diversion. I will use one of the Hex juicers here. Part 1 and 2 for the BG  AR   Part 3 and 4 for the SG   AR, and 5 and 6 can change polarity for the points at the throat of the reverse loop (one SG and one BG point)