2019_05_01 MAY I show you my light?

2019_05_01  Playing with the lights.. pictorial

Deliberately taken on a dull rainy day, without flash, but should have used macro. This is with LED strip lights above. I had bought sunny white lights about 5 years ago. 300 LED's per 5m. So I used two strips to match newer 600 Led strips. I mounted two strips of LED strip onto a plastic angle attaching it so that LED's faced left and right at 45 degree angle. I think it works  :D

Here follows the testing.

 Room LED lights only!

 Room lighting plus two rows of strip LED's. Shadow caused by LED tubes on roof (room lighting)
This will not be a problem when plastic reflector goes on top of frame.

By the way train was driven here from top of old helix. Track working fine and all sections wired correctly allowing trains to proceed into Honeysuckle... YEIIII!!!!

 Room lighting on, rear strip LEDs only

Room lighting on, rear strip LED's only

 Room lights on, and one strip LED's on (Front)

Room lights on, and one strip LED's on (Front)

 Room lights off, and one strip LED's on (Front)

 Room lighting off, one rear strip on.(rear) Note shadow from roof LED's gone as well.

Room lighting turned off. Both LED strips on.

Edit I used plastic angle to mount LED's Had it on hand, thanks to Graeme S.

The air conditioner lifted temp from 11C to 21C in 15 minutes (at the back of room 15 m away) Much better than before the roof was repaired.
Rod Young