2015_12_22 Beating the heat.

With Summer here and temps approaching 40 C  It was time to fix the West wall for good. Materials for the job were delivered and today we got into the shed, turned up the air conditioner and started putting up the wall.

First you need some measurements and some wood to cut up.

Then you need a chippie who happens to be your son, to show you how to do it :D

ok the sisalation foam board is on the back leaving a 5 inch air gap.
All we need to do is cut a hole for the power board and fill in the other gaps. The horisontal pieces are at 750mm and 1400mm to which the two baseboards will be fixed to after 6 m plaster sheets are fixed to the whole wall. The panels are flush with the piers and some plaster glue will fix the sheets to the bricks.
The windows are almost covered ,just leaving a little light reflecting off the ceiling. This wall used to radiate heat into the room they would would reach 50 C to the touch on a hot afternoon.
Hopefully no more ;)

2015_12_19 Back Scenes

2015_12_19 We had to remove the back scenes.

Despite the fact that we used spray adhesive which meant the paper went on dry, over the next few weeks, the paper rippled and shrunk. We are pretty sure we could iron the bumps out and the paper would return to its original length.
However, unfortunately we could only remove about 90% of each sheet, leaving tears and rips in the rest.
I decided to cut my losses and replace the sheets.

We experimented with some 80gsm paper using white glue diluted 15 to 1 and were pleased with the results. Perhaps that is our answer.
The manufacturer discourages using wall paper paste, telling us to leave unglued gaps between the adhesive, but after seeing the shrinkage we are not happy to do that. The white glue experiment left a perfectly flat secure cover.  Perhaps we could seal it with matte liquid medium?