2013 April 8

2013 April 8        A warm Monday

Spent the day working on my Caravan, prior to a trip down South for up to 10 days. Going to check on a few trains on the way The noisy 1:1 version.

On Saturday Graeme* Schulz came over and we talked about modifying the supports to the upper level branch line. So when I return to home about April 17, I will fix the supports up and remove the ugly angle supports. In this shot I have cleaned off the new bench tops ready for work when I return.

Those of you who have been with me from the start of this journey will recognise the trestle temporary work bench from the early days. I screwed it back together because I have several projects on the go, and they are more likely to get finished, if I don't hide them away in boxes :)

Here is one of the thinner longer brackets. I was going to remove them and weld thick angle in place that would be strong enough to support the top deck without the angle bracket. This would have been a difficult job, but Graeme* suggested that I simply remove the bracket and weld the angle to the bracket maintaining the the right angle. Drill out the holes for the mounting screws and simply replace it back onto the upright using the same heavy screws. Plaster over the top, and the bracket will disappear.

The wider station end is mounted on heavier brackets over top of the plaster. In this case I will cut around the bracket with the renovator, remove it and weld the angle on the upper horizontal surface. Re drill the holes remove the cut away plaster and remount the bracket minus the angle support, using the same attaching screws. Again all welding done on the bench, plaster over the bracket, and job is done.

Get your head around that one ;)

* Graeme or Graham? Only saw two choices, bet you I got it wrong :(