2017_03_31 And so March has passed us by (almost)

2017_03_31 A quiet day, kids start holidays, so the bus is an hour earlier than usual. The posty advises my parcel that left Turkey on Friday is here.

But I did get the chance to visit the hardware and get some screws to attach bogies to Al.s  BS car. I needed to fit better wheels. The brass ones fitted were just too sloppy.
At the same time I looked at my fleet of Victorian S Cars and worked out a plan, to upgrade them with close fitting couplers, interiors and better bogies.

Then I opened my parcel.  I bet not many of you have found a reason to deal with Turkey? Well I can tell you this is my fourth purchase and this mob is a pleasure to deal with. So much so, I think I might give them a free add :D

DHL satchel very fast and much cheaper than Turkish post. Maybe more reliable too?

Very heavy weight box, protects contents, as with every purchase made.

Packed tightly, great instructions.

 Pleasant looking accurately produced product.

A free gift! Now that's old fashioned good business sense.

Now all I got to do is see if I can make it work as well as their video shows it can work :)

And for those who would like to read the literature in print?

Ballast spreader carriage
Ballast Glue Application Carriage

Rod Young