2014_09_21  a bit of a lull?  Maybe too much RailPage :(

But yes things have been quiet around here, although several projects are on the go.

Work is continuing on the Branch line and thanks to some prodding from Graeme Schultz we even started experimenting with some landscaping (eh? scenery

Here we have laid some shaped foam on the flat surface to break it up a bit and then conered it with paper cloth, which has been glued down with white glue. The towel comes in large rolls from Aldi for a few dollars.

And using granulated paper mache product already impregnated with plaster , just add grout colour and water and spread it out with a trowel and smooth with your fingers.  Better keep going before Graeme notices!

And after constant derailments and just frustration, I did rip up most of the track at Bullarto. (a long time ago?). Its time to run some trains and with Honeysuckle sitting on trestles, the branch line is the place to get operational.  Just a few joins left, add the droppers and the branch will be able to run trains ( via the temporary connection near the scenery works).

Just three connections left. If I shut this thing down, I might get them done today :(

These two magnificent guards van were added recently. They are the best hand made epoxy pieces I have seen. Its a tribute to the skills of our young modellers who are using the modern equivalents of the old epoxy resins and creating strong accurately detailed beautiful HO models RTR to boot!!

Thank you Dave Luketic, you do great work, and show us old farts the hobby is in good hands. Dave is a Railway Man too, living the dream, and working close at hand. Thank you mate for my great vans.

Ok I am back in the Studio, and hopefully more to do today and in the next few days.
Rod Young