2016_01_18 What next?

2016_01_18  Looking towards finishing the wall, but then I also need to clear up some of the junk to enable work to continue. So this is what I am thinking ;)  and that's dangerous, I guess.

Most of these boxes contain built up kits and trees as well as a lot of valuable materials to finish off the layout. So I guess junk it isn't.  I intend, or should I say, need to store this stuff under the layout along the finished wall.

Now notice the late afternoon sun shining on the layout. It did this for near 3 hours before this shot was taken at 7.15pm. The bricks were very hot to touch, and the plaster was cool, but was up slightly behind the glass at the top. But I am happy with that as it was 36C today, clear blue skies.

So now I have to work out how wide the Albury yard can be to accommodate the rest of the modules I want to install in here. (Remember South Grafton)

 Click on it if it is not all visible on your monitor.

I want the Albury section to be freelance like the rest. So I need to know how many SG storage roads I can fit and the maximum width I need to create this yard. I would like to fit the station and the flour mill in, if I can, so will leave the locomotive depot out, I think. This gives me three long roads at station end plus more and 4 long yards at the Sydney end plus more depending on width available.

I will have to talk with Roger as he knows how to use these confounding layout design programs!

These are some spare L Girders I have and will cut out new cross pieces when I know how wide I can go. But that sits at about the right height.

And this is how I need to store bins under, depending on the width.
These Bunnings Bins are about the right size at 560 x 380.
the baseboard is set at 410 wide, but that will change.

But I am getting ahead of my self. Need to sand down the plaster joins before I go much further

Rod Young