2014_07_05 Building the branchline!


Well the enthusiasm is still there and the body is doing what its told. Not as cold today, although raining again, Clouds only a hundred meters above and the Hills are out of site again.

But Trentham is now connected to the main line at Bowser. The track is down as are the main line points. Need to go back and install the Grain Silo when I build the kits and work out where the discharge / loading tracks need to be placed. Tomorrow I need to gather up the droppers and connect them to the bus, also wire in three more point motors and at least two switches.

Some pictures follow, as usual :)

The area towards the yellow capped bottles is reserved for grain hopper storage , need to add a point to connect in where the RH one is sitting.

Track runs through wall.

And enters the other section, ready to join the main BG line and head towards Bowser again.
That slope through the back drop actually looks wrong and I might have to smooth it out by lifting the ply a little this side of the wall.

Joining the Main BG which parallels the SG. Closest I got to running a train today :( Setting up the SG line to ensure enough room was left for it.
Track on the extreme left is the No 1 rd through Bowser (Code 70) with a passing siding No2 Rd to its right (code 70)
The next track is the BG Main Line (Code 75) and beside it will be the SG Main Line (Code 100)

The Shinoharo Code 70 is a pain to use, and should not be regarded as being flexible!

Took me a long time to get a 442 Class. This original production model was sold to me by a Club Member after I missed out on at least 12 of them on EBay.

The track becomes a little separated on the corner because of a pair of points placed around the bend which although in a wrong position, actually allowed the passing road to hold a standard train. Actually hated it until I laid the BG Main around it, and now it does look much better than it did.

Here is the point that caused the trouble. You can see the BG track has to sweep out to get around it.
The BG branck No1 track maintains 36 inch radius. The No2 road pinches down to 30 inch for a short time, but does reach 34 inch rad whilst the BG Main on the outside is at 36 inch and the SG Main 38 inch.

Looking over the three way point. Again the left trach enters the branch and you can see No2 track points towards the corner?
The BG Main Line through the middle roads and the Quarry siding  takes the right road and crosses the SG Main line, which will run up to the Bg and space 2 inches off the BG at the corner.

Well thats about it for tonight. Inside about 9.00 pm. A pretty solid day, with a couple of breaks to watch the Motor Races at Townsville ;)