2016_06_16 Bunnings is a destination often visited these days!

2016_06_16  I need to get activated again :)

So Tony had a delivery from the Bendigo Hobby shop and called in on the way to Sydney.

These cast and hand built kits were much appreciated. Thank you to the Shopkeeper at PCB hobbies :)

Really nice job very square and painted better than the original ones were I inspected at Wandong many years ago :)

Very happy with these :)

ps Bunnings? oh yes Bunnings !!  oil based paint to seal the plaster walls procured with a new roller and no stops! Lets paint the walls (again :( ) and stick some back scenes down again :(


2016_06_05 Ixion C32's at Epping?

2016_06_05 A post and some rumors are out there that  Ixions much waited for C32 is about to arrive

On Rail Page this morning....
  standard gauge Station Master

Looks like there will be some 32s available at Epping including 3265 in maroon


This will certainly give Lindsay O'Rielly some cheer and I note it will all have to do with customs as to whether it happens or not.
 It has been a long road with lots of pot holes along the way.  A few caused by me, I'm sure, in my defense of a friend. I sincerely regret this today.

Rod Young
Edit possibly a good chance to remind you about what Ixion are presenting?

Ixion on Face Book


2016_06_04 Brass Engine Sale!

2016_06_04 Thanks to friend Michael Holian we have another N Class!

Michael sent this email:-


Just wanted to share around that I've got the following for sale, if anyone is interested let me know, I can provide photos if wanted, all models are in good condition and run smoothly, unfortantly they don't come with boxes as the owner thought he wasn't going to sell them in the future, perhaps a reminder to keep the boxes our models come in.

PSM K190 Black, light weathering $1200  Sold pending
PSM D4 247 Black light weathering  $1200  Sold
Alco N 497 Black medium weathering piston extenders fitted oil burner $1200  SOLD
PSM BCE 1 $500
PSM BC 12 $500
PSM E 1 Pressed metal doors $200
Model Company F class F210 $700 original box comes with model


Please feel free to email this around to any friends you might think are interested, it's some good product that doesn't come up very often, also if you are in a club could you print out a copy of this and put it up at your club rooms or share it with your members


Michael Holian
0422 739 530

If anybody is interested please contact Michael.

Here is my new N Class.

Thank you Michael, for the offer
Rod Young