2016_04_14 Benchwork starts!

2016_04_14  Al and I started the new benches.

We had a couple of L girders from elsewhere, and built these up into a solid bench. Cut out three more benches and assembled one of them. Not a bad days work :)

When we finish the wall, on Saturday, I will remove the legs against the wall and fix the L Girder to the noggins behind the plaster.
The out rigger supports will be cut shorter after the top level roadbed is fixed. This will not happen till the 5 ply tops are fixed on the bottom, and the track is installed, wired in and sceniced.


2016_04_13 A new model arrives

2016_04_13  My mate from Dynon sold me some nicely detailed weathered goofeys!

Thanks Steve Bucton. All I need to do is weather up another 36 to match them :D

Some friends have recently been robbed.

This shot shows two high definition cameras installed in my shed. They are wiFi connected to the modem in the shed which all runs off a  battery backed up power supply. If you activate the cameras a message goes to my i-phone asking me if I would like to cycle through the 8 cameras. only fitting 5 at this time to watch trains out of sight and make this layout operable by one person. But a nice security feature was found when I started to look into it. 1080 HD is recorded to an 8 track video recorder fitted with a terabyte HD to store images.