2014_12_31 The end has come?

2014_12_31 The end and yet the World did not?

Just thinking about things :)
I have always wanted to make small round holes quickly. Well ever since sound started to interest me, and I found speakers required baffles.

I asked everyone I knew had faced this problem, but could not get a definitive answer

Here is a loksound 8 ohm speaker. The accepted way of cutting out a circle for the front of the baffle is to draw around it, drill out the middle with many small holes then break it out and clean up with a file. My attempts wasted half a day and I had to then fill in the gaps before it all worked as it should...Yeah I know, I think the same all the time.

So then I started to search for a workable easy to use hole cutter!

Yes you can ream it out, but then you have to file away another 6 mm around the edges, I never did find a ream big enough.

You could use these things, but they are harsh and more often tear out the edges and dont leave a neat enough hole. And you cannot get one at 23mm 21 and 25 but no 23! So more filing out.

My Chinese contractor sold me this for $6 and free postage. The thing weighs half a kilo and apparently you need a lathe to mount it, and somehow winding it up springs out the blades till you get a 23 mm hole. I could not spin it with anything I have here, and using a shifter and  a vice, I could not turn the nut on the end.

I found this nifty device in a craft magazine. It does cut a nice hole in glass but could not cope with styrene at all.
Mind you if I ever get around to it, I am pretty certain that I could replace the glass cutting wheel with a fixed knife blade it would do exactly what I want.

But then
When ordering styrene shapes from China, I found this...

And it is actually a plastic version of the Canadian glass cutter, and it works really well :D

JQG18 Nine Sea Compass Circle Cutter Cutting Tool 1cm-30cm Diameter NEW
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99.8% Positive feedback
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So now I am happy!