2013 April 20

2013 April 20 
Nice day for doing nothing, and anyway the Bike Race has closed all the roads out of here for 6 hours.

Ok.. time to plan the track so I can get started on the coal siding. The temporary curve allows me to measure the straight section. I have 24 feet by 1 foot 1-1/2 inches to work with.

The bench work already cleaned down and extra supports added underneath, the enlarged signal diagram shows me how it was in 1978 (Thank you Mark Bau)

So here I am inside burning the midnight oil, and trying to work out how much I can cram into 13-1/2 inches!  Just reviewing the photo, I notice the photo of Matt Kilby on the table. Guess he is grinning at my pathetic attempt at drawing in scale :)  Our Matt was heading in the right direction to becoming one of Australia's best Architects when a brain tumour struck him down and he was at rest earlier this year.  With work on the dome at Chadstone, David Syme and Bankok International Airport already credited to him.

I had to remove one road from the SG, another from the Bogie Exchange. The BG last two storage roads and I am wondering if I should actually add another foot to the width! Although that will interfere with the top level. What I might do is add a few inches on the edge to enable me to model the fuel depot and the Super Siding. At the moment I have moved the Super siding down into the space in picture 1, created by the temporary curve that will switch the track back towards Wanganella. This was done to create a loop for the SG trains and will probably not be used by the BG trains which will terminate at Wodonga / Coal Sidings .

So just to show that even when actual solid building does not happen, in the background their is still much to do.  (And you guys thought I did not plan anything :(  )