2019_04_28 Tradesman bitch!! and more wiring

2019_04_28   So what does a tradesman make an hour and what do you get?

About a year ago, I invited this guy to install my $2000 (huge) Panasonic Air Conditioner (Thanks Good Guys for a "Friday" discount,on top of an already great price which was hundreds under Harvey "GST" Norman.

When its on the drain drips over the doorway, straight down the back of your neck. The fix was to wrap it with insulating tape which fell off two days later. I thought that was what blue glue was for?

I was quoted $850 install, because a gap had to be cut into roof above air conditioner to allow air to enter at top. I cut hole and they used it to install the unit over door.  When I asked them to box it in, they went away for more materials.  Never saw them back again, however the bill arrived and was upped to $1580 for the extra work involved. They never came back. I paid them cash for job (Yes big mistake) I hope they paid GST because I asked the taxman to check if they did. They worked 3 hours. Well one guy did. The electrician was there for only an hour. So 4 hours into $1600 is about $400 an hour and I had to get another Tradesman (actually a real tradesman ) to finish the job.

Cutting the hole out properly (I am not a tradesman :blush: ) After removing the roof iron and insulation.

Build a box and seal it into the ceiling. Paint and voila!

Now the ceiling cavity can get hot or cold, and the airconditioner can circulate the warmed / cooled air and operate more economically. Thanks to my son Dale Young... A real tradesman.
Now as long as the door is not opened or closed as the large door flap drops down when AC turned on and off. The rest of the time it sits neatly out of the way.

Back to the Model Railway  :D

More wiring, and yesterday and today, I have continued on with the project to get this job finished and trains running again. Al and I started this on Thursday, last. the wiring is slowly progressing, and of course it is even slower as a one man operation. 

The big news is that I how have all six districts connected into the system, and the short circuit appears to be fixed.  No breaker alarms at all for a week Ha Ha.

Have a sound  loco advancing down the SG track as each dropper is connected. Out of shot a GM does same thing on the BG...    This is exciting!!

Rod Young