2017_07_30 Scenery day!

2017_07_30  Graeme tries his hand with rock molds!

Whilst Graeme was carving out and gluing in rock faces, I installed the Wodonga head shunt and played around with wiring .
During the last week I have ordered 7 new Loksounds and installed three in S Class' received recently from Trainorama

My new helix is being built in Kilmore East, and a site survey is scheduled for Tuesday.

In addition to the 3 S Class decoders,I ordered 3 B Class decoders as well as one for the Walker 153.
I need one to finish Al's B Class (before he returns)
Lets see Saturdays pictures...

 Turned out harder than I thought. Where I joined on the additional track had droppers soldered on preventing fitting rail joiners. I had already pre-cut track, so I had to cut away the soldered end, clean and add fish plates. Meant track is short, but can be disguised with buffer stops, I guess.

In reality, only one head shunt, however I get my cutting, and a little more storage for wagons.

Making mountains.

 Initially Graeme matches rocks up, checks on clearances and using water based liquid nails, fixes it all in place

Fixed down, just needs filling in between the moldings.

Unfortunately water based nails is about double the price, but it makes the work a lot easier.

If you cant get an easy fix, just break ends off and fit it in place. We can fill in the holes later and match them in with a sculpting knife.

It really is easy, but Graeme has an artists eye. Wait till you see it filled and painted :D

So here are some more hardening up in the Woodland Scenics Molds for next time.

I forgot the mix already, I think it was 600ml of warm water (to help with mixing it up) into 1 kilo of plaster., which filled these 5 moldings.
Well that's about all I have.
On Tuesday my Helix gets a site survey and exciting times ahead.