2016_12_29 ALDAY ;)

2016_12_29  Track laying , completing repairs and running a train about "Kilmore East" Quarry.

Well at least we laid a fair bit of track, however got no point motors affixed. I did have to rewire every point though, and remembered to remove the dc links as well.

Talking about DC links on electrofrog points? Guess what caused the short on the diamond crossing?
Took two weeks out of my work and cost me a lot of grief.

I thought I had just picked up a working junction and moved it 6 feet down the track.
Somehow I used a rail converter (75 to 100) that I had either insulated in the original install, or somehow replaced it with a new one and not remembered.
Because I found this after burning out my frog juicers this morning.

 And so here was the problem. I forgot they had bridges, and simply expected it to work here because it worked before.
Everything fine now. Cost ? One $70 juicer and a hell of a lot of frustrated time wasted  :(

All tracks powered and working ok.

 Whilst I sorted out the crossover. Al fixed the wheat silo siding.

Next job was to start work on the Wodonga Yard. Whilst Al started to lay track, I modified the 7 points and set up the new wiring.

A little bit harder on the lower level, my guess is that Maureen might need to massage my mates back a little when he reaches home . Thanks mate, you are the reason I keep this thing going I sometimes think :)

The two points to right are installed, and the one joining into existing main line points is also installed. All made more difficult by timber supports underneath. But Al got there. Only the double slip and two more points to go in before connecting in 4 store roads at this end.
Then on to the turntable side!