2016_12_31 One last time!

2016_12_31   For the last time this year, another productive day!

Al returned for some more punishment, I am afraid :(
Hope you were relaxed and your back was better by the time you got to Corowa, mate.

Anyway whilst I kept the soldering iron hot and the solder runny, Al went back and finished Thursdays job.
Here is the fruit of his labors.

South end of Wodonga yard is freelanced and allows for a bit more storage in a narrow space.

Unfortunately the ladder was not going to work, so we left the double slip out, and removed the main line points leading to the ladder further South. It looks interesting and rolling stock tracks through just fine.

All track in place.

Please ignore the vehicles that obviously would never visit this siding account of gauge difficulties.

Thanks Al. I enjoyed your company as always, and appreciate your sore back , mate
Rod Young