2017_02_12 Some important gains!

2017_02_12  So things are looking a lot brighter in the wiring department.

I bit the bullet and removed a fair bit of wiring and replaced it with about 25% new wiring that does it even better.  Fitted some NCE circuit breakers and got rid of several wiring faults.

In fact I have a much better understanding as to what went wrong! First thing was using temporary wiring, just to get things running...9 years on and I am ripping it out because...

The second thing was that I added new wiring to the spaghetti as I added on to the railway, and my memory let me down, as I forgot where the feeds were, and duplicated some of them. As I rearranged districts recently, the lost feeds were causing shorts between districts and other faults.

Well as of Saturday ,I am now officially ahead of all this, and not far from restoring / buildihg up, the integrity of the electrical system. Thank goodness for that.

A parcel arrived from GB. Very quick, about 8 days posted to delivered

The parcel had received a bit of softening around the edges

However it was all ok inside!

Pretty little thing? No wonder I model Victorian Ha Ha much more macho Ha Ha.

I needed a small engine for Albury services, and this one came up on RailPage. It was the right price possibly because it came from Great Britain, and the seller was factoring in exchange rates at time of purchase. But I am happy with this little jewel. Now to fit a WoW to it.

Ok  some layout modifications?

See the high level (under spirit level)
This is the SG and BG track leaving Wodonga Station towards the Wodonga SG loop. Their is quite a hill out of House Creek to the start of the SG loop, and smaller engines were struggling up this hill.

So I took about 2 inches out of the grade and dropped this area back to level, which gives the engine a chance to recover before continuing the grade around the corner where a  >1.5% grade rises to Wanganella

Now the bit under Dremel has dropped leaving NMRA+ clearance above track where Ramp  Meter is sitting.The ramp meter accurately gives DCC voltage available 14.7v and amps being supplied  0.01 indicated with one Loksound B Class idling.

Also the overhead track is insecure. So a support was placed under the pliers and another underneath the arrow head drawn, in front of the power board. The board has been lowered also because the new drywall will cover the bricks here.

The Nostradamus effect?
Tomorrow my buffer stops will arrive!! Lets try to foresee what we will see (then) shall we?

20 of for $100 and just a few days to get here ;) tomorrow for sure!
Click on the picture and it should be enlarged for you Patrick's telephone number is there if you should want to contact him.