2017_11_01 Pretty Slack around here :(

2017_11_01  Little important jobs being carried out every day (almost)

Graeme  arrived Saturday and spruced up the scenery projects. It is really looking great.

Got to remember to apply the bricks to the bridge this week :(

We cleaned up the approaches to the bridge, and patched the repaired bank.

Damn, must have moved ??

So what did Graeme ask me to do?  I need to write notes!

2017_10_27 Visits and Exhibitions.

Al and I visit a model railway in Corowa

 Terry's layout is never finished :)  Well to me it looks finished, but I think he keeps seeing improvements he can make, and so he makes them :)
Well done mate, and in one shot you can see, he does it all from a wheel chair as well.
(edit 2017_11_13-:With apology I corrected errors in this post. I am a shocker when it comes to names)

I doubt if my layout will ever reach this stage :D

We visited Shepparton Exhibition about 21 st October (Members of Murray Railway Modellers)