2016_10_08 to 2016_10_18 (Catch up)

2016_10_08 After adding a station, I had to rearrange the silo siding.

Took a while to sort out what I had to do, as well, life got in the way with visitors, visiting, and a funeral service to attend.

Here are a couple of pics, of me procrastinating over the amount of work here :)

 That double slip is not going to go  back where it came from.The crossover sits on top of SG where it will fit Then I need a point to service track around silo.

The point behind silo goes first. Bight the bullet and start again :)

 2016_10_10  Got a few track sections up and running

S317 hauls a 10 car "roarer" behind Wodonga as it heads towards the 'smoke'

2016_10_14 Another large parcel surprises me!

Now work this one out!    USA via Melbourne takes how long?
Remembering the  Club members who got their Aurora sets in 3 days if they lived in Albury, but it took a further week for Wodonga customers to get theirs after they were sent to Mebourne and returned via Seymour before heading to Wodonga for distribution.  People are not writing letters because of email convenience. So they lift postal charges, sack every second person , close distribution centers and damage a lucrative growing parcel business? Go figure!!
 But the parcel?

Its big and its heavy, and looks undamaged.

It arrived in Yackandanda for pick up at 10.00 am 14th.

It arrived Melbourne direct, bypassing Sydney after being received by shipping agents in USA on the 8 October. So the postal agent received it and sent it to Australia, arriving just 6 days later in my hands. Sounds like AUSPOST grabs a yank to run the system and USA picks up and we go down the shitter. Not good enough AUSPOST!

Ok lets open it up :D

Watch the fingers !!

This is museum quality. If you elect the rivet counter version, you can have a silent one for about half price.

Almost there! Their was a day not so long ago, that you could model Aussie, if you could totally scratch it yourself, or you modelled British, Eropean or US of A.
I chose US of A and I always lusted after the Hallmark Brass "Big Blow"
Apart from the fact that I needed an "arm and a leg" the cost of these things at that time, I still wanted one. Well today I finally got it.  Years too late, but will look nice on the shelf.

Temporary DCC rigged up just to hear her. And she is a beauty. Really happy with this engine.
In front is an enamel collectors badge and beside it a magnifying device with a super bright light, to help us oldies really see all the detail included.
2016_10_18  Been away for the weekend, mostly. But finally got a chance to run it in the first section bought on line after overhauling my DCC system.

This thing has three DCC chips, one in each part The rear one operates lights in that tender
The middle chip operates the turbine and lights.
The front chip operates compressor lights and the small diesel engine used to move the unit around when not running the Turbine. Very realistic it is too.

But did not play too long. as had some track to relay.

OK we have locked down all the track in the picture and located the double slip where it can go to avoid timber bearers underneath and line up with the silo shed. Not a lot to do now. Just connect the silo and the two store roads after I fit the slip in place.  Oh the wiring needs to be reconnected as well as all 5 point motors. Yeah maybe a few days there ;)