2019_11_28 Albury all laid out...almost!

2019_11_28  Al and I continued on with Albury

Its taking time but we are almost there.

 Junee end comes together.

 The last set of points to be installed. The straight leg comes from the double track storage siding on the bottom level of the helix. Trains supposedly heading for Sydney can be hidden in here turned ready to make UP journeys at a later time.
The right hand side leads to a double track helix where trains can be stored or run out of sight back into other side of room where they become available for SG running. It really forms a continuous loop, if we a short staffed and want to see trains running.

 Al shows his stoic patience :)

 Here the 44" / 46" turnout leads from the loop road closest, or the main line, into the store roads or towards the helix.

 And the BG track arrives at Elders / Bunge closest to edge

 Guess who was working this bit? Certainly wasn't me ;)

 This if just the North end of the yard :(  The South end with Platforms is behind the camera.
The old trusty trolley can be seen under the helix. This old bloke would never last out the hours needed to wire up this "two wire" DCC system. :D

 I haven't started the scenery yet, but something is firmly rooting itself in ??

 The large hole is under the Indonesian double points and a servo point motor already mounted is in view.

Of course, red and black wires to the DCC bus and white wires to the live frog controller (frog juicer)
 The bundle of wire is to feed the helix Black to left. Blue feeds BG track and Green SG track (I think?)

And so? Jobs to do?  
Install the last set of points and then join up all these wires to the bus.
Install about 30 point motors and then decide how we are to control them all.