2015_07_26 Wind Wind and more Cold!


Track Planning ?   Well it was too cold to paint and no other work was seemingly possible today so I opened up my latest purchase and checked it out ;)   Aldi at $99. Why were these things as cheap as this 30 years ago. I remember a Badger portable compressor selling for $600 and you had to find a water trap, hoses and spray gun on top :(
This one came like this ;)

  Edit:  Could not see google video so uploaded it to YouTube, might take a few minutes 7.21pm

Track Planning?  Well before I can build any bench work, I need to know how the levels work out. The track on top (window height) will represent a BG track and will be totally isolated from the track below which will represent my NSW part of the layout. The top area will also have a 1.5% descending, SG  track with a passing loop,  that enters the RH Helix at the second top level and runs three times around before exiting into South Grafton. On the way down at the second level

(click on it to make it larger)
So now that I know my levels I can avoid all the troubles that Al helped me overcome last year on the back half of the layout. (typo BG level is 1400)
First thing to do is insulate the West wall, using the green foam board. Then cover it all with board to act as a back board for back scenes.

This is lowest level coming out of Coal siding and representing the move into NSW territory.
(I just had a thought :(  I have very little NSW rolling stock )

The BG track pokes out unsupported,yet.  This is the highest level at 140cm.

Starting to clear an area away to work in. Hoping that this can store underneath when the bench work and track are in place.

This shows the gap where the SG and BG tracks will enter from the older section of the layout. I think I can make this work by dividing the back scenes into two parts.
A smaller backboard will curve around covering the tunnel on the right at a 4 foot radius. I will cut this into the plaster and swing it around till it meets the sceniced area left of picture It can be 6 inches high and a 15 inch backdrop where the ply is against the window. The top half of the scenery attached to the top of that board, whilst the bottom bit goes on the short front section. it will not be perfect, and blue sky can do a lot to hide it too. This gives me access to the hidden tracks which let the spot light remain firmly on the branch line which is heading for a terminal station on the first third of the front wall.
The hidden track behind the terminal station, will be able to be accessed from overhead exactly the same as described in the paragraph above.