2016_11_12. Little jobs that take a lot of time

2016_11_12  So its time to catch up on all the jobs which were bypassed earlier.
Even room for new work?

Wiring Jobs?

I guess I just cannot work in a clean environment :D

First job I tackled was wiring up Honeysuckle. Ths meant extending all the cables to cover the extra board added. This took a couple of hours over two days, and two visits to Jaycar to get plugs and wire.

So now all the boards are connected, and I thought I could turn the boards over. However I have no idea how to connect into the DCC system. To the right hand side are two computer power supplies. I believe one supplies signalling lights and point power. The second appears to supply DCC power. Unfortunately adding Honeysuckle into my layout will negate the need for independent power, and I also need to introduce the command station (not present).
I guess I can isolate the bus if I can work out where it is, and connect to my own bus used throughout the layout, and  that will use an existing command station.
But as Tony is visiting in two weeks, I might just wait for him, to see if he remembers how he wired it all up. Depends on how patient I am :D

Still on wiring?  Well here is a bit of spaghetti that needs finishing off

I have my trolley working well, and getting into spots much easier now. And with a new pair of single lens glasses, am seeing much better. Most of these wires have found their connections :)  Just a few points and live frogs to track down, and a Hex Juicer to connect up to route power through the frogs.  (Google DCC hex juicer)

 Plaster Walls
Graeme Schulz called in for an hour or two and patched up the walls, whilst I continued on with wiring (rewiring?)

 Next weekend he will sand back and patch up any holes so I can paint both walls. Nice to have friends. I guess we are all looking forward to running trains again.
The helix was laid out on the floor. I am thinking about reducing the diameter down to 80 inches.
The trains would climb a little quicker I guess. Hidden trains traveling slowly diminishes the fun. You need to see something to enjoy it, I reckon ;)

The Loco and turntable space

Finally got the Wodonga Loco Area cut out and screwed down. Its actually freelance as I just did not have enough room for the real thing.
The track enters from behind the Goods Shed crosses High street and then heads for the turntable via track work used by the fitters to service engines, change blocks etc.

Going to build a Car Shops and Roundhouse here as well.

Well that's it for me, another Saturday, and only a little progress, unfortunately.