2017_06_04 Too cold to work the shed but some scenery work continued

2017_06_04 Scenery is spreading...

Unfortunately not greates pictures but they show Graeme's progress. Going to look pretty nice, I think. Must teach myself how to make rock castings!?

On the wiring front?
Well I can run trains around 90% of the track laid.
A couple of dead sections and the BG between coal siding and Wodonga is shorting. Just need the weather to warm a little so I can get stuck into it.
Ran a couple of goods trains around, one with N492 on front, and was happy with the way things worked. Then I tried to run Auscision X32 and 8 Aurora cars and it failed miserably. Seems to derail every 6 feet or so. No idea why, wheels are in gauge, free rolling, able to twist easily side to side and couplings not binding and carriages almost touching on 44 inch radius curves, but definitely not. Couplers reminds me to check the under pins. Maybe they are fouling the brake hoses and detailing on the cars? Anyone else trying to run them on short shank couplings?