2019_11_19 Finishing off new loop track.

2019_11_19  Ok just to prove I can do it! Bung eye and all :D

And so (as explained last post) this (un-named station) needed something else to turn it from a "Stopping Point"  into a station fitting the buildings

 So we extended the base board and swapped out the LH point for a double slip, moving the point to No 2 road to create an extension for longer trains.

Pretty happy with the way it works. Only need a few wires to be joined into bus and four point motors.

 So here is the first cross 701 on loan from trough running pool, set back into siding as the local Pass arrives from Honeysuckle.

I like my little station now, and I was fortunate to get it in with the new fascias in place..
Just discovered I was running short of servo motors, and leads.  Australian price about 5 times the Chinese price and so order placed on China as well as another100 m of 5m led light tapes.