2013 June 16

2013 June 16 sunny Sunday

Opened the door and walked to this wall. On Friday and Saturday I sorted out where the track was going, trimmed the ply and cut the supports. Not only did I have to keep the boards close to the string line, I needed to use the small level to maintain side to side level, and I could have put some camber on the curves, however I decided not to. And then today I was able to tie it all down. Let the pictures tell the story!

Actually the pictures is telling lies :)  As the back track drops at 1.5% the near track is rising at 1.5%  The 3% difference is what the picture shows ;)

At this end I finished up removing all existing track and ply base. I also decided to remove all the risers which were only nailed in position. I had put a temporary yard in, to hold trains in the  early days. I did not remember iot was not screwed and glued.  All good now!

Adjusting the risers and correcting the line.

All fixed and in great condition. I actually allowed the track to move into the space between the pillars. Wou;d have liked to have taken it in further, however my minimum 36" curves would not allow it, and still leave enough room for the Wangaratta platform.

Same place just adjusted the view

Ok here the SG arrives at the same level as the BG (See the gradient looks a lot better in this shot)
The wider baseboard is needed because the SG Loop starts here and as well the temporary escape will start to drop towards the back and the loop will maintain this height and run down the front of the board before crossing over the temp escape and entering Wodonga Station

The escape fixed into position.

Well at this stage I ran out of steam. I can lay track down here when I return from my trip to Queensland.  Not sure how long I am going for at this stage. Depends on how well my repaired Rover runs, how much fuel I need and the weather, I guess. Would like to get to Townsville, but that is going to be expensive and I have Austrains G Class, Auscisions Walkers and the GM's to pay for as well as the Caulfield Exhibition :)

Anyway might get a few more days in, after returning from Bendigo on Wednesday.