2015_01_11 Bridge is in!


Just fitted in place for now to allow trains to run. I know I have concrete coloured paint and a special red for the girders, but where did I hide them?

So now I can finish of the trestle. I needed to stand on a chair to cut the bridge in and reconnect track and wiring.  Will have to do the same for the scenery, but I will wait for my mate to come back as he will want to experiment with me on this too.

Ok found a short today. Well not exactly, i discovered I have a short in an unprotected section. Trains run for 3 or 4 minutes then Digitrax short protection fires up and resets. Have not made any changes in the unprotected sections so what could it be?

I have four reverse loops protected with electronic devices. Has one failed?
The weather is hot, has a rail expanded enough to touch where it is not meant to?
Has a wire pulled away and shorted another bus?

These things can take up a lot of time. I ran through every section with a LED track tester. All frogs are live and operate correctly. All track circuits have power.
But the LED tester only tells you the rails are connected to power, and so I am now testing with a meter, across rail joints If I get a circuit on the same side protected with an insulated joiner, I have found my problem. So far one reversing device has been found disconected. But it did not solve this problem...  keep looking....