2014 February 22 Working on the Austrains G Class

2014_02_22 A nice warm 28C Just about right ;)

So after procrastinng for a month or thereabouts the work on the G Class re commences.

First of all I needed to find a way to free up both hands. Shopping at Aldi cost me an extra $20 this week :) It fixes securely and has nylon jaws and held the chassis at various angles.

Now with the model secured and one hand holding pliers the other simply lifted up as I released each clip

Some collaterel damage as loose parts fell away. But nothing actually broke away.

Just a closer look. Amazing what the camera shows me. These eyes are just not as good as they once were despite the Eye surgeon saying I was back to 20/20 again after my injections :(

another angle.

and another. I will have to glue the brake cylinders, air lines and steps back into p0lace before rebuilding both bogies.  Really cannot understand how Austrains could let the factory do this to us. I am sure many others are not going to tackle this job, and with DCC so popular, this model is just not cutting it :(

The gearbox exposed with plenty of clearance to secure the body back on before putting the bogie back together.

Not sure if  the scratches are actually damage caused by me trying to get these things apart, or simply grease marks.  At one stage I was certain it was supa-glue :(

and again...

And again...

Ok had lunch and time to fit a temporary Tsunami into the G. First I will cut out a styrene plate to replace the original board using the original screws. Then drill out the capacitors and blu-tac the sound board to it. Solder the wires to the new tabs and connect up the speaker.
Then I have to reassemble the side frames, screw the model back together and then reassemble the trucks with a bit of teflon grease, I guess.
Stay tuned for the next installment! This thing should run today if nothing else crops up ;)