2016_05_03 Day 3 evening news

2016_05_03 Day 3.... continues
Spent the day in Albury attending Eye specialist. Had to have an injection to control macular degeneration of one eye. Felt like crap rest of day. But spent some time tonight playing with background sheets.
This is what I found..

Slightly lifted on edges, however it was almost smooth, the wrinkles were almost completely gone.
Temperature had been about 16C most of day, but wind chill was gone. Its about 14C now..

I should beable to glue down the edges ok

What small defects I did find, simply rolled out with this paint roller!

I am thinking I might spray over the top with satin clear and see if I can seal it and stop the wrinkles reappearing. This is confounding and completely unexpected.
Going to be interesting to see it in the morning...Day 4

2016_05_03 Day 3 of...

2016_05_03 At about 8 am

Its alive ;)
it moved a little over night once again. As others are suggesting is it a matter of the plaster wall and paper moving at different speeds? That is temperature in shed drops to about 5 C during night, and rises to about 20C during day.
Thanks for the suggestions in comments people.