2015_12_16 Nice day :) 27 C ah! that's better :)

2015_12_16  Auscision X Class day!!

Have to add these to the long list of sound installs.

At least Auscision have put a lot of thought into sound in their engines. (Now all we have to do is teach them how to fit tail lights and car lighting ;) )

Here are the first pics :)

Nice one Auscision. I bet this one brings a lot of smiles in the lucky state :)

2015_12_06 L Class days

2015_12_06  Southern Models (WAGR)  L Class day!!
Don't have to add these to the long list of sound installs...YEIIIII!!
Sound already installed.
Unfortunately I do have to make modifications to the light boards though as the pre-installed Loksound chip does not like the mandatory interference suppressors. Not sure yet how to remove the surface mounts, although Mike Walters has sent me a how to email.

Runs nicely hauls a huge load up my helix, and sounds great! Unfortunately the video was not quite right and I blurred the picture of the loco on tracks.
Thanks Rocket and Co. A nicely done job. The colour manual and exploded diagram are a nice touch too. Not letting Auscision get away with anything, eh?