Well I guess I am most dissapointed to report almost nothing has happened. Since returning from Bendigo I have rediscovered the joys (?) of working with sound again after Tony came for a week and a 45 minute job turned into a three day disaster leaving both of us not interested in doing much for the Layout. Constant Northerly winds lifting temperatures from 41C in the shade to 55C standing in the wind have killed off any ideas of working in the shed which I am keeping at 29C Day and night with the evaporative Air Con fitted to the roof. Still too hot though.
Today is the best day since I returned from Bendigo. Perhaps a bit of time in the shed tonight will start the ball rolling again.
My camera is playing up and I want to finish off the sound install on the G class put aside for Tony's visit. But I do want pics as I go, so will try to see what I can do with the older digital camera.

I got a call from Southern Models and was told my VR oil tanks will leave China this month after the people return to the factories and things get back to speed. Even had the priveledge of paying for them :)
Here are the pics

four like this one with wood walkways and spoke wheels

Two like this one wood and spokes again
 And the last four are more modern like this one, disk wheels and metal walkways.

I purchased three 3 car packs and 1 individual pack which completes my 10 car BP train of the mid 70's

EDIT   Their is a discount of nearly $30 a pack if anybody wants to pay for them now at